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Here at Blue Apple Dental in Currambine, our friendly dentists guarantee to provide you with quality dental services that will leave you smiling.

With years of experience providing dental services for patients all across Currambine and the surrounding suburbs including Ocean Reef, Connolly, and Heathridge, we understand the common issues, fears, and worries many patients face. If you are a nervous patient, we can help you by tailoring our treatments to ensure you feel as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. If you are unable to deal with the treatments, we can provide oral sedation and inhalation sedation (Penthrox) or intravenous sedation. 

Meet our team

Dr Jonathan Barron - BChd

Dr Evelyn Lau - BDSc (WA) Hons

Dr Ann-Marie Potts – BDS

Our general dentistry services encompass

  • All types of fillings
  • Splints for jaw pain and grinding
  • Preventative care including mouthguards
  • Extractions

Safety and sterilisation

Here at Blue Apple Dental, we have the most advanced digital x-ray system that produces instant images with a 90% reduction in radiation. This is the most advanced and safest way to take x-rays.
We also guarantee to maintain the highest standards of sterilisation and cross infection control for the health and safety of all our patients, meeting all the necessary and required ADA guidelines.

Laser dentistry

Lasers may remove the need for drilling teeth and in some cases can remove the need for local anaesthetic. Lasers use laser light to energise water droplets to remove decay and soft tissue with minimal heat or discomfort. 

It is a minimally invasive treatment which will retain much more of the natural, healthy tooth structure than conventional techniques and disinfects the tooth and sterilises as it cuts, which results in lower chances of bacterial contamination. 

It also creates a stronger bond between the tooth and the filling and will often eliminate the need for injections. 

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